santa tracker

Is that time of the year again – the amazing holiday season and today is Christmas Eve! We are all so very excited about the holidays, and today is the start of it! Did you prepare cookies and milk for Santa? Now you can check out where is Santa Claus with Google’s Santa Tracker!

Google’s Santa Tracker is now updated with a better and livelier interface. It will find your location and show you a customized map of where Santa is. You will see the distance that Santa is away from you, the presents he has delivered, the current stop and the departure from the current stop.

Santa will also show you a picture of the last house he has visited!

Google Santa Tracker

This year’s Santa Tracker has a little game which will teach you the basics of programming. It is called ‘Code Boogie’ and it would help you out in programming by activities such as getting the elves to dance!

You can also translate popular Christmas resolutions in different languages and see how it looks and sounds!

Now you can additionally boost the Christmas spirit and spend some quality time with your children while tracking Santa!

The TechieFront team wishes you a Merry Christmas! May your days be filled with love and happiness!

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